Stage, Sound and Dj Setup

Stage, Sound and Dj Setup

A light and sound show includes the utilization of lasers with music and portrayal to make a story directly before you. We strive toward putting together a show that caters to your needs and requirements.

Royal Aura’s team works together to have your DJ play your main tune and have the lights move to the beat as you mix up a tempest on the moving floor.

One of the major elements of a wedding is the DJ. Royal Aura works towards allowing you to show off your every move on the dance floor with the help of our DJ producing tunes that cater to your choice and genre of songs and lighting. We’ll enable you to pick the best DJ for your wedding, themed or something else. Allowing you to sit back and relax we work towards getting the best DJs on board so you won’t need to stress over your decision from that point onward and simply shake your body to the music.

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